We work closely with customers to obtain the best advantages in design, quality, price and service.

At Royde we are convinced that, in order to maintain our customers’ demanding level of quality, it is essential to be committed to continuous development and innovation. This is why we develop different R&D projects alongside the Tecnalia Research and Innovation technology centre.

We are present in more than 24 countries, thanks to the internationalisation process we launched more than 20 years ago. Our main markets are Spain, Germany, France, Sweden and Europe in general, increasing our presence in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, the United States and South Africa.


We founded Royde, specialising in bearings, fittings, sliding systems and precision turned parts


We carry out an organisational change to become more clearly customer-focused


We start to become a part of Ner Group, which meant an evolution in experience and knowledge


We continue to advance and innovate in order to carry on being an international benchmark in our sector


In order to offer top quality products, we have the best human and technological resources, which enables us to guarantee excellent results. We carry out engineering, design, custom manufacturing and quality control processes to then finally ship our products all over the world.



Our team of professionals designs the custom products.



We manufacture our products adapting them to your needs.



We guarantee maximum quality by using rigorous controls.



We ship our products all over the world.


We are located in Bergara, a Basque city with a historical past and a promising future, thanks to its huge industrial growth.

Bergara is in a strategic and privileged location for communications, less than an hour away from the three Basque capital cities. It is a municipality whose industry continues to grow and an ideal place to carry out our work and offer the best services.

Our highly qualified team of professionals enables us to offer a personalised, competitive service of the highest quality.


We perform thorough quality control on all our products, guaranteeing our clients’ satisfaction.

At Royde we have been awarded the renowned ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, which is further proof of our effort to always provide the maximum quality in all the products we offer.

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